Single Muslim Men & Woman Where Are You?

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Published: 13th May 2009
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Searching for a good muslima can be a tedious one or even searching for a good muslim husband is just as diffulcult. Through the many months of searching through so called islamic websites, By the way most are not run by muslims & you can also see signs of this by how they operate. Such as profiles that say men seeking men or woman seeking woman for love & romance. This is not islamic & it sure isnt being muslim. You wouldnt believe this but even some of the most popular so called websites for muslims are halal. How can they be muslim if they allow all kinds of haram sexual activities. Even searching for a muslim husband there are those that go on those free for all muslim websites posing as a muslim to con unexpected ladies from their money or sexual webcam predators.

So I would'nt recommend not one free muslim dating website online the risk is too high, It is too easy for someone to copy & paste a picture in a profile and say that they are brother abdul shabizz Rahman and im a devoted muslim brother looking for a good muslima. So those kind of muslim dating websites I would say No with a capital letter. There was even a case of a japanese woman who got her life threaten if she didnt send this man whom she never met $8,000. This is a true story on a free popular worldfriends website. And out of fear because he had to much info on her like address, phone number she sent him the money. That is also the fact for other type of websites that are free, the fact of the matter is their to open for shatian to do his bidding of evil. So dont be decieved just because you see headline such as: dating for single muslims-muslima seeking matrimony-muslim brides-muslim dating service ect.... if they are free run away quickly. It is from my experience & also my wifes past experience that free websites for dating people just dont take seriously. There is also a high percentage ladies that most on those sites are married men cheating on wifes or even wifes looking for fun while husbands are away.

When my muslima wife started her search for a good husband so she tells me everyday mashallah she said that it was a learning experience for her because being new to the internet she really was taken over and above her head with so many haram so called muslim websites. This can be very scary for muslim woman so i once again say do yourself a favour dont sign up for free websites for dating it is a waste of time & money.Also from her research she also found that even some of the paid ones you have to see if they promote same sex relationships that you and i know is haram.So why would a muslim promote this kind of behaviour money maybe or greed?. If you are a muslima reading this article please take it seriously after all you are searching for a good muslim husband right? So you dont have time to waste right?

Ok when both my wife and I found each other we had both made a committment to search for a muslim dating website or muslim matrimony website that is halal run by muslims operated under quran & sunnah to the best of their ability. We wanted to find one that is strict in profile monitoring & profile deleting if someone violates the rule with no exceptions. And the muslim marriage website must not be free this from past experience & research keeps out the con & imposters.

We finally found such a website and you see if you pray hard enough inshallah allah will bring it to you. Not only did I find it i built it alhamdullilah. We are muslims so i know what muslims want to see & dont want to see. This is strictly halal muslim website & yes we discourage imposters from even signing up they are fore warned in the prewarning screen that haram profiles will be deleted

Not only that but we discourage this because it is a paid muslim dating website for serious minded muslims only! But membership fees are very economical but enough to keep imposters away, imposter dont want to pay money research has proven this.

I am very proud to be muslim & have such a beautiful website inshallah i will let you be the judge of that, It was no accident that i met my wife on the website and that you are here right now. End your search & visit us inshallah. We have 2 web addresses they both end up in same place to find your soulmate inshallah.

Emanuel muhammed devoted owner of mashllahmarriage to bring peace & blessing of marriage.

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